Wander Woman

Wander Woman is an exhibition at an art non-profit, Root Division, involving immigrant women artists of color. Their work addresses issues of immigration, misrepresentation, stereotypes, cultural conflict, and feelings of acceptance. The exhibit is also a play on the words “Wonder Woman”, a superhero that embodies feminine strength and promotes justice, peace, and truth.

I used these concepts and ideas to inform the branding of the exhibit.  I started with the logo, which will be displayed on the gallery’s window as a vinyl.

Initial logo iterations

Final Logo

The concept of borders between countries and pushing boundaries informed the design of the final logo. The word “woman” is bolder, stronger, and stretched upwards to represent the strength of women pushing up against the boundary.

I also designed a simple, animated version of the logo to be used for the closing reception of the exhibition, which involves a performance.

More coming soon!

Monday Nov 5 2018