Lucie Wu

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet :-) I am a designer and researcher. My work reaches from digital design to object design to systems design. 

I am especially interested in issues around the climate crisis, transportation, water, and waste.

I am a recent graduate of urban planning at UCLA. I previously studied human-centered design at the University of Washington.

Currently, I am a Transportation Planner for the City of Kent, WA.


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Metrolink Climate and Social Impact Report 2021

In 2022, I interned at Metrolink under the Sustainability team. At Metrolink, I contributed to the management and creation of the first annual Climate Action Plan and Social Impact progress report. I analyzed data on carbon emissions and VMT reduction from the revenue and non-revenue fleet. I was also involved with planning and implementing equity initiatives around affordability and accessibility through the creation of a transit equity analysis, which was presented to the Chief Strategy Officer.

Click here to read the report.  

Lucie Wu
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