Lucie Wu

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet :-) I am a designer and researcher. My work reaches from digital design to object design to systems design. 

I am especially interested in issues around the climate crisis, transportation, water, and waste.

I am a recent graduate of urban planning at UCLA. I previously studied human-centered design at the University of Washington.

Currently, I am a Transportation Planner for the City of Kent, WA.


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Whittier Narrows Recreational Study

In Summer 2022, I interned at Environmental Science Associates (ESA) under the Community Development team with a focus on air quality and noise. At ESA, I wrote and assessed environmental impact reports for air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise.

Eventually, I started taking on projects independently, including the Whittier Narrows Recreational Study prepared for the Sanitation District of LA County. Based on field research that had already been conducted, I analyzed data and wrote a report on the Whittier Narrows Recreational Study. I saw this report through from start to finish. I worked with stakeholders from the Biological Resources team at ESA and the Sanitation District of LA County. I also worked with my supervisor to iterate on the report and make changes based on feedback.

Click here to read an excerpt of the report.  
Bike trail in Whittier Narrows, one of the areas where field monitoring took place

Lucie Wu
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