Lucie Wu

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the internet :-) I am a designer and researcher. My work reaches from digital design to object design to systems design. 

I am especially interested in issues around the climate crisis, transportation, water, and waste.

I am a recent graduate of urban planning at UCLA. I previously studied human-centered design at the University of Washington.

Currently, I am a Transportation Planner for the City of Kent, WA.


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01. Bridge

02. Woodshed

03. Monolid Zine

Timber Frame Woodshed

I apprenticed at Hawk Circle in rural upstate New York. We built a shed to store logs for the woodstove in winter.

Days of digging the area for the foundation. Putting up the lines for where the concrete piers will go.

I’m setting the concrete

Putting the pieces together for the first bent

The raising

I’m cutting down the tenon to fit into the mortise

Got the huge plate beams up. A team effort.

First set of rafters are up


Lucie Wu
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