Strays is a side business project of mine. I wanted to do more work with my hands and express my appreciation for cats. I currently make ceramic cat bowls which are designed based on both cat and human needs. I’d like to ultimately make cat furniture.

The branding behind Strays is about redefining the culture around cats. Cats are stigmatized for being antisocial and aloof. Current cat paraphernalia is cheesy and not cool. I wanted to evoke a brand that felt gritty, raw, crude. It is not trying too hard to be pristine and styled, much like stray cats which are considered an invasive species in the world. It also leans more masculine or gender-neutral to depart from the heavily associated feminine qualities.

Initial logo mockups and the final version

I created the logo for Strays by hand. I wanted a hand illustrated element for the logo in order to evoke that messy, off-the-cuff feel.

Notecards for packages

The old website, which was built on Shopify. Currently it’s on Cargo.

I designed the website, print collateral, illustrations, digital assets, and photoshoots.

I created bowls to met the needs of cats. I sought out books and paper on cat behaviors. I learned that whisker fatigue isn’t a real thing. I’ve also been testing which bowl form best suits cats’ natural instincts. 

At the same time, I’ve gathered feedback from cat owners on what they look for in a bowl. Things such as easy to clean, a sturdy bottom, and aesthetically pleasing have come up. I’ve been experimenting with the form, the glaze, and illustrations. It is an ongoing process!

 Cat furniture — a pedestal